is proud to be a:

Preferred Cheer & Dance Team Music Provider by USA Cheer

Boom Original Music Mixes is excited to be a USA Cheer Preferred Music Provider!


PLEASE CHECK BACK OFTEN!   We have so much to do!  

   Pricing Coming Soon !

We will spend the summer building original content for your mixes.  


Wow, the world of cheer music has been through some CONFUSING changes recently.  A lot of coaches and teams are not sure about what all the new rules mean and how they affect them.  Will new music be ridiculously expensive and sound like crappy old techno?   You can be sure that a mix purchased from will be fully compliant, will be accompanied by all appropriate licenses, and will not contain any 3rd party content with conflicting copyright.

Boomcheermix is SO excited to offer full custom music to our customers.

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Custom Cheerleading Music Mixes


Here you can order custom music mixes for cheerleading.


A custom cheer mix is an important investment, we understand that.


We work with you to first understand what you want your mix to be and then try and help you reach that objective.  We give you creative input and editorial approval throughout the entire process.


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Pre-Made Dance MIxes

100% USA Cheer Compliant Pre-Made Dance Mixes

We make great dance mixes! 100% Compliant with USA Cheer music rules. They are not corny or expensive!

Here is a pre-made dance mix for sale – $350 – Can be chopped to fit your needs for a lower price for content plus edit fee of $25 I will be making more and more of these so please check back often. If there is something I can do for you please let me know. Because you will need a license for this mix, to purchase contact me and we will do an invoice. Im available to answer questions anytime!

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